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Newly Promoted Security Details of FCT Minister Decorated with New Epaulettes

Two members of the FCT Minister’s security Details- Saidu Bala who is the Aide de Camp and Umar Mani the escort commander – who were recently promoted to the rank of Superintendent of Police have been decorated with their new epaulettes

While extolling the virtues of the newly promoted Superintendents of Police during the ceremony, the Minister used the opportunity to urge Nigerians to show love to the country and it’s leaders.
“Having worked with them for the last six years plus, I can tell you more than anybody else what fine officers are. They represent the new crop of the Nigerian police. Smart, intelligent and highly dedicated with tremendous love for country”.

Describing his ADC as an officer with a keen sense of right and wrong especially with regards to city management the Minister said that governance should not be left to the principal officers alone, but should be a collective effort of all.

He said “Starting with the ADC, when we started this work, as you know, the principal will always be with the ADC in the same vehicle. So, over the last few years, he has been able to study me to such an extent that the moment I see something wrong in the city, even before I talk to him to contact people, he is already sending them messages.

But more importantly, his amazing commitment to duty and knowledge of wrong and right, especially with respect to city management is amazing and all the Directors here will confirm this and that’s how it’s supposed to be. Governance is not just the principal officer. It has to be a team work of everybody. There is no way the Director or the Permanent Secretary or the Executive Secretary will be everywhere all the time.

On his escort commander, the Minister said “Mani Umar is something else. Usually, I call Mani Umar when the job is tough that nobody can handle it and the moment you give Mani a job, you can go back to sleep and it will be done. That’s the extent of his dedication.

Exhorting Nigerians in general the Minister said “At the end of the day, let us not forget that we have no country other than Nigeria. This is our home and we have to love our country, love our leaders, pray for our leaders, work hard to make this country great and the only way we can do this is through the collective work of all of us, no matter how highly placed or lowly placed, once we have that love for country in our heart, the sky will not be our limit”.

Malam Bello also used the opportunity to congratulate all other service personnel who were elevated.

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